For Sale By Owner Guide

Step 3 - Marketing Your Home


Over 92% of people use the internet to find homes for sale. To see if your marketing is working, pretend you are a house buyer and try finding your own house. (80% of homes are sold through the local MLS)

Where to post your home for sale…

Below are 3 free websites where you can list your Home For Sale

  1. Zillow (which also goes on Trulia)  | link here.
  2. | link here.
  3. | link here.

Make sure you add all the details about your home correctly. 


When marketing any home for sale, the very first initial impression of a home for buyers is ALWAYS the photography.

For best results, a professional photographer is needed for bright, crisp and well angled photos that feature the house well. If you would rather not hire a professional, then take the photos with the best camera available with the widest angle lens available. I can recommend a photographer if needed.


Directional signs to your home could help get a few more people to it who are just browsing around neighborhoods. Use the biggest ones your community allows, and make sure you have your phone number on it too!

A professionally branded “for sale” sign can bring up the perceived value of the house much better than a store-bought sign.

Social Media

Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn. You should let everyone know you are selling your house. Many of your friends will “like” and even share the post out of courtesy to you.

Working With Buyers is the next step in our FSBO Guide. CLICK HERE

Tip - Video Works




A great video will bring even more awareness and help spread the news about your house. Did you know that videos are much more likely to be shared on social media than photos and text combined!