For Sale By Owner Guide

Step 2- Preparing Your Home


Fixing all the basics is must! You want to avoid any problems with the home that could prevent a sale or become negotiating points for buyers. This is not the time to consider major renovations or additions. These major projects will more than likely be a net loss for you. Instead meticulously go through the house from the crawl space to the attic and roof, and make sure everything is in working order.

If you think there could possibly be issues, it may be a good idea to contact a home inspector for a pre-listing home inspection. But as a FSBO seller you’ll want to be very careful not to overspend on repairs. If you need to hire out for repairs, make sure to get written estimates from at least two contractors.

Declutter & Cleaning

De-clutter and deep clean your house so it smells great, and is free and clear when walking through it. You might be used to the loads of furniture in your house, but to a stranger it may feel way overcrowded. Most of the time, homeowners will need to consider removing furniture, containers, trinkets, and items that don’t add to the homes appeal.

Spend some time on bringing the curb appeal up. Often times, home buyers will drive by a home and add it to the reject list just by the looks of the outside. Make sure the shrubbery is trimmed, weeds are pulled, new mulch or pine needles are installed, and grass is as green and clean as you can get it.

Deep clean the house, wipe down every surface and make sure all dust bunnies go to dust bunny heaven. Even a slightly dirty house can be a major turnoff for potential buyers.


When a buyer walks through your house, how will he or she feel? Buying a home is a very emotional process. People rely on gut feelings more often than logic. This is where staging comes in.
There are professional stagers who work every day on homes making them really look great for photos and for in-person showings. For between 100-200 dollars a professional stager can give you a full consultation on how best to position the existing furniture and what accessories can be bought and added to give it the “pop” it needs.

Many For Sale By Owner home sellers want to save money, so if you opt out of using a professional, pretend that you are having the governor and his family over for dinner. What would you do to make your home look as presentable as possible? Would you go out and maybe buy a few flowers? Maybe you’d hide ‘that oversized chair’ that you’ve had just a few years too long. Another trick is to have someone over who doesn’t come often and ask them to be HONEST about what they like and what is a bit distracting. (For best results, find someone who can be honest!)

The staging of your home is crucial to make the entire marketing of your home better, which happens to be what we talk about in THE NEXT STEP.